Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

HOLT consultancy is committed to operating with integrity, helping others and giving back to the community. To this end, it is our policy to actively engage in Corporate Social Responsibility activities in an effort to:


  • promote education and enhance skills for employees, clients, university students and school children
  • provide a safe working environment that promotes health and well-being
  • support charities to improve the well-being of others
  • manage the environmental impact of our business activities
  • safeguard the reputation of the compliance industry and financial services sector


HOLT consultancy continually identifies CSR activities in line with our policy and encourages employees to participate.



Promoting Education and Skills


Employees - we want our employees to enjoy their work, feel challenged and have opportunities for development. To this end we have introduced Continuing Professional Development of 35 hours per year. This means our staff take time out to attend relevant conferences and events and sit professional exams, supported by HOLT consultancy.


Interns – we provide opportunities for a student with an interest in compliance to join us as a Compliance Intern to get involved in all aspects of our business.


Schools – HOLT consultancy are sponsors of the F1 in Schools initiative and take time out each year to help students to design, manufacture and test a compressed air powered balsa wood F1 car.


Clients – we want our clients to have a good reputation and have a good relationship with their regulator. We provide tools, training and mentoring that help our clients to understand the importance of maintaining stability within the financial sector through compliance and AML.



Supporting Health and Wellbeing


Helping others  - we want our employees to be able to help others in an emergency, should the need arise. To this end, our employees are trained in Heart Saver First Aid CPR and Fire Safety.


Staying healthy - exercise is important for the well-being of our employees. We actively encourage training and exercise and staff have access to a swimming pool and gym. HOLT consultancy employees are taking part in the Dubai 30x30 Fitness Challenge between 26 October 2018 and 24 November 2018. 


Fundraising - we encourage fund raising events, particularly those that involve exercise, e.g. football matches, marathons, walking, fun-runs. Our staff took part in the Standard Chartered marathon, Standard Chartered 10km walk and the 5km Darkness into Light walk for mental health awareness in 2017.


Donating and volunteering - DIFC regularly encourages firms in the DIFC to take part in its CSR initiatives and we are committed to supporting its ongoing efforts. In 2017 we were involved in the Eliminate the Thirst Campaign where we handed out bottles of water to workers around the DIFC area and the Donate Clothes for Humanity campaign where our team donated clothes and shoes.



Reducing our Environmental Impact


HOLT consultancy is a small company but understands that every company should take action to conserve energy and resources.


Our office policy requires staff to turn off PCs, monitors and printers at the end of each working day.


Our company recycles paper including shredded paper. InfoFort provide a free collection service through their GreenBox initiative.


We ask that staff keep printing to a minimum. 


Read more about our CSR activities on our blog


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