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10 Reasons to Establish in the DIFC

10 Reasons to Establish in the DIFC

Dubai is ranked the number one financial centre in the Middle East and Africa according to The Global Financial Centres Index 21, March 2017.[1]
HOLT consultancy has helped many companies to establish in the DIFC. Below is a list of why the DIFC is so appealing:
  1. Zero taxation rate on income and profits (guaranteed for a period of 50 years).
  2. 100% foreign ownership.
  3. No restrictions on foreign exchange or capital/profit repatriation.
  4. High standards of laws, rules and regulations.
  5. International legal system based on Common Law of England & Wales.
  6. Access to a large pool of skilled professionals residing in Dubai and the region.
  7. A modern transport, communications and internet infrastructure.
  8. A wholly transparent operating environment, complying with global best practices and internationally accepted laws and regulatory processes.
  9. The financial services regulator, the Dubai Financial Services Authority is internationally respected.
  10. Platform to access regional wealth and investment opportunities.
Reasons to stay in the DIFC
  • DIFC is growing and is looking to triple in size by 2024.
  • Gate Avenue, a AED 1bn retail development, is currently being constructed to bring all areas of the DIFC together. Completion is expected by the end of 2017.
  • Dubai is hosting Expo 2020 which will attract millions of visitors. 
HOLT consultancy can help you establish your business in the DIFC as a regulated or non-regulated entity. Contact us now for help on +971 4 386 6360 or email