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12th World Takaful Conference - Providing a Global Platform for Takaful and Re-Takaful Industry

12th World Takaful Conference - Providing a Global Platform for Takaful and Re-Takaful Industry

HOLT consultancy today attended Day One of the 12th World Takaful Conference, held at the Dusit Thani Hotel in Dubai. The event was sponsored by a number of companies including Dubai International Financial Centre Authority as the Strategic Partner and DIFC Insurance Association as a supporting partner. HOLT consultancy is an associate member of the DIFC Insurance Association.
With the global Takaful industry poised to cross the USD 50 billion threshold by 2020, its contribution as a definitive pillar of Islamic finance should not be overlooked, however, fragmented markets, a lack of uniformity in standards, and undifferentiated competitive strategies constitute some of the key obstacles blocking this niche industry from unlocking its full potential.
As such, the need of the hour is for industry leaders, more than ever before, to converge and deliberate on new strategies to navigate through the choppy waters of the global insurance landscape, whilst in parallel strengthening and advancing the foothold of the Takaful industry in the world.
The 2017 World Takaful Conference takes stock of the most pressing issues in the industry under the theme of “Stability, Authenticity and Technological Transformation”.
Salmaan Jaffery, Chief Business Development Officer, Dubai International Financial Centre Authority welcomed guests with his keynote address ‘Providing a Global Platform for Takaful and Re-Takaful industry.’
Salmaan Jaffery is responsible for developing and executing business strategies aligned with the DIFC's 2024 growth ambitions. He has 20 years of extensive operating and advisory experience working with global financial services and consulting firms across the Middle East & North Africa, Asia and North America. During this time he has established a track record for earning trust and delivering value to clients by developing new revenue opportunities, improving performance and driving organizational change.